Peace I leave with you

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Jhon 14:27 "Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid."

One time I needed a motorcycle for my job. While at home, I only have a motorcycle that is used together with my family. I want to have a motorcycle own then my work will be much easier and good, at that time I plan to buy a former motorcycle in accordance with my financial condition which at that time was mediocre. So finally I
seek information about former motorcycle prices carefully and eventually make a choice to buy a motorcycle what should I buy.

Surprises meet me. Suddenly my old brother who didn't long time not meet at home contact me and advise me to leave his motorcycle for me. He said that the motorcycle can used for
my job and because in his new home he had a car. I am so happy very much . I do not need spend a lot of money to buy motorcycles and that motorcycle direct used for the purposes of my work.

Like my experience, that we live in This world needs peace. Peace This allows you to enable us to deal with all life issues. This peace also gives us strength, dreams and motivations so that we can achieve a victorious life. A life that is pleasing into God. But sometimes we do not find that peace. In just a minor problem we are often struck down with grief depth.

Before Jesus up into heaven He said that " Peace I leave with you ". It means: when we accept Jesus as our Savior the peace automaticly stay prosperous in our lives now!But the question is "whether we have used the peace that is given Jesus told us? "Just as with motorcycles deposited in my house so if I do not use a motorcycle that means that motorcycle not be useful and I would lose the opportunity to enjoy the function and the results of the motorcycle. Similarly, if the peace that we do not use then we will not enjoy the function and the results of that peace.

There may also be a question of “how to use the peace that Jesus has given to us?”

Very easy! God has given, then God also would not be difficult for us to use it. The peace which God's means that the peace that comes from God. Therefore, if we want to get our lives must be rooted in God. If we are facing a problem then we leave it to God. We prayed and sing praises unto God. We also wished only to God. All of our worries or the things that complicate our lives, we aim only to God as well as all the joy and our joy is all just for the glory of the name of God and the most important thing is all our jobs and our activity is only for God. So peaceful peace which passes all understanding and mind will keep up our lives and the world will see
the light of Christ shine in us. Gbu