Our private secretary

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Jhon 14:16 And I will pray the Father, and he shall give you another Comforter, that he may abide with you for ever;

A director or boss needs a secretary to assist his job when he was busy working, he suddenly reminded by the secretary in his private company to attend the meeting. When he had just arrived at the office secretary was again reminded of the Director to meet with some of his guests to discuss a job of the company. Every time the director often forget what to do because of the many duties and work to be done. But every time it was also his faithful secretary reminded his boss to do what he had planned in advance. What if the director was working alone without the help of his secretary. Of course this will make the director will not be able to properly perform his job and his performance will decline sharply.

So it is with our lives! Remember, our current position is "director of our lives". As director of course we have many duties and responsibilities of our lives. However, because of the desire, problems, pressures of life, joy and work, we sometimes forget what we should do to make life better and perfect. We often forget what we should do this to make life acceptable to God. We need a "personal secretary" so that we can remember. Well private secretary who will remind us if we forget ourselves.

God through His son Jesus Christ only begotten Son has poured out the Holy Spirit in our lives. If we believe, repent and accept the Lord Jesus Christ as our savior, the Holy Spirit will be placed in our lives. Well this is the Holy Spirit given by God to be our personal secretary.If we listen to good words HER then we will never be sure of ourselves. At a time when we face a severe problem, at a time when we face a difficult choice, at a time when we are busy in our work the Holy Spirit will remind us what we should do. Reminds us to continue to pray and surrender at the feet of God. Just as the director who must listen to what should be said by the secretary as well as us. we must listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit so that our lives will be perfect. Just as the Father in heaven is perfect

Jesus saved my life
Jesus save me
Jesus care everything about me
Jesus love all of us