The book of Philemon

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The Book of Philemon is the shortest book written by Paul. Though short and contains only one verse but the book is included in the list of books on the new Testament and we can explore the meaning of love through this book.. Love is the basis of the writing The book of Philemon. Broadly speaking, this book contains application of Paul to Philemon concerning Onesimus who is a slave or servant.

Paul while in prison and met with Onesimus knowing that Onesimus was imprisoned by his employer Philemon because of debt. So by the grace of God Paul wrote a letter to Philemon that Onesimus be exempted from the obligation from the debt with to pledge himself. This is an example of Paul which given that we love someone with do not see the status of that person. Is rich or poor or even a subordinate or employer.

The things that maybe we can learn from the book
Philemon is as follows:

• Paul was imprisoned because of Christ Jesus, written that Paul was a punishment because Christ Jesus. This confirms that Paul wanted to mission and vision of God even if he must through many difficulties and obstacles. Paul was have a true love of Jesus and Paul really want to do the will of God. So it is with us, maybe we rejected and ridiculed by our friends because we love Jesus, or maybe we should have persecuted because We love Jesus or the real thing and often occurs we are often ridiculed, or put down by friends or our family because we are involved in a ministry but with determination, we still want to serve Jesus, it means that we really feasible in the presence of the Lord Jesus. And if we really love Jesus then we will go through this with thanksgiving to God.

Jesus has redeemed our sins with HIS blood and HIS life. The gift from Jesus is our salvation can not be countered by good deeds whatever. Grace that we receive can not be compared with everything or anything in the world we are going to love Jesus with follow Jesus with any risk. We should have to obey orders Jesus and not reverse direction when the shock problem came upon us. That things that become the basis for us in the follow Jesus.

Matthew 10:38: "Whoever does not carry his cross and follow me, he was not worthy of me. "

- Though still suffering, Paul still miss to help other people's even though the status of that people is the servant. Onesimus is a servant and Philemon was a employer of Onesimus At the time Paul was imprisoned, Paul met with the Onesimus and through a conversation Paul knew Onesimus problems . Not a coincidence that Paul could meet with Onesimus in prison. It's all because of God's plan. God has a will to Paul to convey the love of God to all persons, especially Philemon. Paul writes letter of application with good language to Philemon to receive back Onesimus. Paul had a longing that Philemon will sincerely want to treat Onesimus not as a slave but as a human the same degree. Paul even consider Onesimus as his own son. This is a lesson that very valuable to us. Our lives are all precious to God then any position or job for any person is the same for all of us. We have to be a role model for people another human because we are children of light. As children of light we must be ready and willing to serve our neighbors even though we are in a suffering. When we hit a problem and then we see and hear others as well is in trouble if we hold on the love gift of God, we still would want to serve people it. Perhaps we are an employer, but when subordinates are in trouble would we share with our subordinates?

Or maybe when we're busy with work piling up , suddenly There comes a friend or even a new person we know call us to pour out his heart to you, then would you ready and willing to become "the place to share"? for that person?

One day we were tired and wanted to sleep but suddenly there was a friend who needed our help then would we still want to help our friends? Which means when we're have trials but we remain ready to serve the Lord. Paul gave the example to the Onesimus problem until was over and all he did for love. Paul's position is logically higher than Onesimus because Paul was a close friend of Philemon. But Paul really wants to bring Philemon the mean of love that does not look human degrees. We Should do this modeled with very well about what Paul teach us. Just as Paul's letter to church in Macedonia. So the main thing is what God has teached we must do that 2 Corinthians 8:2 How that in a great trial of affliction The Abundance of their joy and their deep poverty abounded unto the riches of their liberality.

•Although still in agony, Paul still have fellowship with brothers and sisters faith in prison. It is written in the letter in which there are several names like Epaphras, which was his friend and also in 1 prison. Mark, Aristarchus, Demas and Luke, who is a co-worker. These names prove that Paul was united with a fellowship to praise and glorify the name of God though he was imprisoned. Paul is also still write letters to preach the word of God even though Paul still in prison. The situation is not possible but the power God made everything possible.

Power of God working with remarkable when we are still willing to sacrifice for the glory of God's name even though we are in trouble. Paul gives an example to us so that we will continue to build a relationship with the Lord Jesus together with brothers and sisters in Christ despite our condition was not good. Paul also emphasized that we should continue love Jesus and do His will even if any happened. So this will make us become closer to God and we know His every desire for mankind in this world. Paul is a human being finally able to provides exceptional impact to the world. A the impact of the love that until now we can feel benefits of the knowledge of Jesus Christ through the mail. We also must be impact extraordinary love for the world. It can be achieved through the sacrifice, the willingness and our willingness to in follow Jesus. Gbu