The promise of God is True and Real

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Genesis 17:2: And I will make my covenant between me and
thee, and will multiply thee exceedingly.

When someone had a promises ,he will say something expectation to someone.Expectations must be met by the person in a timely manner.If the other person is like a girl believed with promise the person who was also a guy. So The girl will wait patiently. Maybe once in a while the girl will ask again about the promise that
these guys have spoken. Approaching the day then she will continue to hope and maybe she will often contact the boys to ensure that expectations will be fulfilled on time. And finally just as promised then the guy kept his promise to give hope
on the girl is.

But what happens if the girl does not believe would promise to say the guy is? Or maybe The girl is believed but approaching the appointed day suddenly this girl hesitated and did not believe anymore it?

The real is that a promise of hope who have been uttered by the boy was soon abandoned. Promise not happen for real.

Similarly, the God who has made a promise with humans. Promises God has spoken by the Lord itself and is written into the Bible and given stamp by the blood of the Lamb of God which is Jesus Christ. God has spoken HIS promise and God can not break HIS promises. The time God assigned to fulfill His promise is accurate and beautiful.
So God's promise is true and real.

The Bible contains so many promises of God and untul now the Bible still to be the book of life for our people who believe in the Lord Jesus. That means that the promise of God which has been written in the Bible really happened to those who believe. If the promise of God is not occurs then the Bible would not be the book of life until now. Because time is a witness who shows a truth and lies.

The Bible also records of Abraham who is the father of a great nation. Abraham is a person who also a prophet of God who faithfully waiting for God's promise.
If Abraham did not believe in the promise of God then Abraham will never be the father of the nation. Although Abrahamwait until he is a very old. But finally God fulfil His promise. God's promise of hope not only that unusual but contains about a great hope for human beings which also includes the world.

If today we still not enjoy the promise of God then The easiest way that we can wait until the time arrives is to describe God's promise that contained in the Bible. Just as a girl who continue to call a guy to make sure promise will be fulfilled at the time of the day. Tell continue with our tongue and mouth. Pray and raises praise thanksgiving. Believe that the time will surely come and beautiful in time. All that for our own good as a man of God's creation. Gbu

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