The way of life

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Jhon 14:6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth,
and the life: no man Cometh unto the Father, but by me.

"The way" means a bridge between one place to other places. The way could also be a bridge,
highway or underground tunnels. When we through the right way then we must come to the correct destination. So the way has a important meaning and function in a trip.

Jesus Christ with courage makes a statement that He is "the way", the truth and the life. That Statement was not originally understood by His students.But after going through with a evidence of HIS sacrifice on the cross and His resurrection and His ascension to the heaven, Now it is not just the students alone, We also understand why Jesus Christ is called The way, The truth and the life. As "the way" of life, of course we just live through it. The way was so clear and there before us. The way that would lead us to eternal life salvation.

In this world there are many ways of life. Various customs, religious rules until a fairy tale or certain beliefs whom many people believed as the way of life. But if you look carefully that this "way of life" is not a real path.That “way of life"
is more directed as a "guide salvation". That means we only “Just been told” about the ways to the salvation. We are not given the way itself. We can not see and feel
that way. And this certainly is not perfect. Very possible for us to get lost and the wrong direction when we try following the instructions of that way. Very possible that the way is a full of danger.

Suppose that when we are as a foreign tourists in Hongkong country. When we want to China then we has two choices: ask the local person of Hongkong or use those services The local person of Hongkong to deliver us to China (tour guide). If we ask Hongkong peopele is very maybe we are lost. Population of Hongkong is crowded and busy, unfamiliar language in our ears and coupled with the number of lines transport both sea and land will make us confused with earlier guidance. But if we choise the second way it is wearing a tour guide services, then we will easily reached in China. We live follow these steps our tour guide and we can enjoys a beautiful of China country.

Our brother beloved of God, when we believe and perform the command of the Lord Jesus, we're walking on a real way safety. We are not get lost because even in the valley the shadow of death Lord Jesus remains with us. He is our shepherd who leads us to the prairie green. We are not afraid of the danger of eternal death because of
Lord Jesus has redeemed with His blood. So now there are only options on our hands. And Jesus Christ is the most accurate choice and would lead us to eternal salvation. God bless you

Jesus Christ is our God