Seventy times seven

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Matthews 18:22 Jesus saith unto him, I say not unto thee, Until
seven times: but, Until seventy times seven.

Jesus answered Peter's question about forgiveness. Jesus explains that forgiveness is not enough just seven but until seventy times seven. If calculated
then seventy times seven is four hundred ninety. Is that true that we have as much

Before Jesus' answer that, Peter first asked about the number (7) remission. So Jesus also answer with the number of 70X 7. Number of Jesus provided that if we mean PHYSICALLY THEN we must to forgive as much as 490 times. A number of a lot!! that is a meaning, is it??

Number 7 is known in week (1 week = 7 days). then if there are 490 days that means there are 70 weeks. 70 weeks is equal to 1 year 28 weeks. This is give direction to us that forgiveness must be becomes a habit. Jesus invites us to makes forgiveness as our lifestyle.

Suppose that every day for 1 year 28 weeks we used to get up early. it can be ascertained that The next week we will continue to get up early. Wake up morning will be our lifestyle and likely we will never wake up in the afternoon.

So it is with forgiveness!! Every day may there was 1 person who hurt us. But if we
daily habit to forgive, then forgiveness that will be our lifestyle. During 1
years we have become accustomed to repay evil with goodness it is certain that the habit would be repeated in the next year. Something that we do it repeatedly would result.

Today if we need to forgive someone, then
are we ready to forgive? If we have become accustomed, we must be prepared and
moreover, we are also ready to receive the blessing of God.
God bless you

Jesus Christ is our God