Stepping To His Grace

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Hebbrew 4:16 Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need.

Stepping to the grace of God it means that we have committed to life led by the Holy Spirit. life with is led by Holly Spirit requires willingness and love.Is there life was filled with love? Is there life is in conformity with the commands of God? Are there any of us been led by God to get to victory? When we can answer these questions and make answers this then we must be prepared to brave step to
follow Jesus. Dare have the sense that we dare to face all the risks that exist when we follow Jesus. Is also willing to dare to deny ourselves who is a sinner. Dare to forgive and ask forgiveness for our neighbor. And the The most important is the courage to love Jesus Christ fully as we love ourselves.

A soldier would dare to die on the field battle. He is already holds a commitment to fight for his country. The same commitment we have to grasp when we follow Jesus. A Whole body and our soul We must boldly turned over to the Lord Jesus. Thus we have gone to the throne of love of God.

If we compare with the throne of the world's wealth. If we are given the opportunity to occupy the throne, it is not necessary courage to meet the world. Because we can simply take and enjoy it. Our minds are filled with dreams and fun. We've had a fantasy about it ,what fun things we'll do it later. Maybe shopping at the mall, on vacation at the hotel etc. famous.

But when we are faced with the throne of grace,It means we will also deal with the King's sat on the throne. King of Kings is Jesus Christ our Lord and God. That is why takes courage to step to this throne. The fact that our courage behind it will eternal blessings be upon property beyond the world. People are willing and allowed the king was people officially summoned by the king. When We remember Esther who courageously went to the king, although not called. Ester at that time have the possibility to be executed by the king. But the king was pleasing to him and granted the request of Esther.

So it is with us! We do not deign to facing the Lord Jesus for our sins. But
when we dare to face the Throne of His bounty. then the love of God will be with us forever. God bless you