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Romans 10:17 "So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God"

Hearing to the words of God that means we're listen to the voice of God. When we heard His voice The the truth is God really describe His will to us for goodness of our lives. There are two kinds of hearing. hear but by not seriously and Hear seriously.

Hearing but by not seriously is a hearing by not entering the meaning of the sounds that he heard to in the mind and heart. He only heard it without understand what purpose he heard. He only heard because he only wanted to satisfy the speaker or
preacher. And the more often we encounter is that it listen only to fulfill the obligations of an event or worship. If the church he would think that It was not immediately returned incomplete if without hear the words of God. Of course people who like this will not get anything from the hearing. Because he really did not hear anything.

Hearing seriously is heard with conscientiousness. What he actually contemplated go in his heart. God really talk to him. He really thirsty for truth. Hearing like that will give him the most holy faith which urgently needed to face the challenges of the end times.

It can be concluded that hear the word of God seriously will enable us to see and know God is real. This is a our biggest dream. God is our creator and God wants us to see Him self and HIS love. But God wants us to first hear His voice. Heard with all sincerity that will improve our lives. God bless You

Jesus Christ is our God