The seeds of love

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Luke 19:5

" And when Jesus came to the place, he looked up, and saw him, and said unto him, Zacchaeus, make haste, and come down; for to day I must abide at thy house."

When we need God's means we're know God. Need God means more than just come and ask for God's help alone. Issues and struggles of life will always be there in
our live but our spiritual food that would have makes us stronger and not to be weak is God's Word and do His will.

If we open and read the Word of God within 1 Corinthians 13:1-13 So we'll see the characteristics and depth of love. God is love. So for us who want to
God knows that we must live in love and for sure we are living in the love of
spiritual growth.

Zacchaeus tried to know Jesus. Zacchaeus had attractiveness for Jesus to call his name. At Jesus walked along with His followers who
amounted to much. And the crowd arrives Jesus came to call. An extraordinary thing! Jesus never met with Zacchaeus. The situation is very crowded, and if we are in the middle of the crowd. Maybe We also probably not will consider With a short body was climbing trees.

What makes Jesus so interested to Zacchaeus to the extent that He would stay at his house.

1. Spirit wants to know God

Jesus saw the Zacchaeus desire very strong to know Jesus. The Seed of love growing in spirit of Zacchaeus. And this proved with the desire and actions. Who want known by God must have seeds of love in it. Like a Solomon's reply that did not ask for wealth
world or a physical force but wrote in the request is wisdom to know the Lord. If there are seeds of love then Faith will be great. Zacchaeus was also trying and doing not just missed it. Now how the words "try" and "doing" come to our life.

2. The same between actions with the heart.

God sees our hearts. What was done Zacchaeus equal to his heart. An example if the student with a school uniform but not to the school to learn then this is a lie. Or he went to school but often fell a sleep in class then this is also a lie. God see what we do. Whether is in conformity between actions and our hearts. Could wedged other purposes in our good deeds. Example I want to do good, but my motive is
so I respected or good name. So it is not suitable and loving deeds and recognize God. God match with our hearts. God look something invisible.

3. Acknowledging weakness
Zacchaeus want to see Jesus but he have a short body. But he tried to run away and climbed way up into the tree. We have a weakness. But the weakness was not a reason we gave up. Have we handed it to God? Jesus knew Zacchaeus and captivated because such in 1 Corinthians 8:3:

" But if any man love God, the same is known of Him."

Initially there was no intention for Jesus to live in the city of Jericho but because Zacchaeus the Lord Jesus wanted to stay Jericho.

4. Accepting Jesus means to receive salvation and appointed as the children of God.

Zacchaeus received by joy. And give half of his property to the poor. Christianity should be like Zacchaeus who are not bound to something external. Earlier status of Zacchaeus is the "receiver" but now is the "giver". If We love the Lord so do not care what those comments. Zacchaeus did't care what the people said (sinful) and do not care with the treasure for distributed. Though perhaps a wife or family of Zacchaeus not agree. We all hope that God loves us. But What signs can we show to God that we also miss and want to know Him with closer. How can we manifested the seeds of love on the introduction and known to God. But for sure that as long as we live so that the most beautiful is pleasing to God.

Jesus love you
Jesus saved my life
Jesus save me
Jesus care everything about you