The ark of ministry

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Genesis 7:1 And the LORD said unto Noah, Come thou and all thy house into the ark; for thee have I seen righteous before me in this generation.

Serving God means doing the will of God. The basic of Ministry is love. Love is patient, generous and not jealous. Love is gentle and like to give. Love which formed within us is a form of life which afraid of God. The fear of the Lord means sensitive in the listen to HIS voice. Sensitive also in understanding HIS will. And in the end we can get an honor to perform the command of our King :Jesus Christ ,our Lord and our God.

Age at the time of Noah, people lived in the violence. Love of mankind has been lost. God willing to Noah because Noah live in love. Noah get along with God. So what is done by humans at that time was not done by Noah. But what commanded by God, it will be done Noah. Noah able to hear the voice of God. But before having ability, Noah lived under God willing. This is the formula for us to be able to listen to HIS voice. Perhaps in these days we can see an example of the fear of God like when many of our friends who discussing the ugliness of a servant of God and
When we do not participate in a conversation then We also have stepped to the life of the fear of
God. Because of course God is not pleased with it. What world say we do not follow it. But what God says that's what our favorite.

From a Prophet Noah, we can dig up so much lessons and the ways we walk with God. Until we succeed and we will be perfect as our Father in the heaven that is perfect.

Just like what the word of God and Life with the fear of God

God gave the command to Noah to make ark. A command that is not reasonable and is a madness to those around him. At the time, Noah has a choice . Do you have to obey the "crazy" or This unreasonable or just following orders those with no objections. Since Noah lived with associate with God and the fear of God Noah did all that "right" as what is God commanded (Gen. 6:22). This applies also For those of us who live along familiar with God, maybe we've got a command that is not signed sense or something impossible by peoples around us. When we have a bad financial condition, God gave us the order to donate most of our money to the church. Or when we only has a vehicle that's just one but God commands us to give it to church ministry. Will we fear God? Have we have a sense that what we do had an incredible impact for our neighbor's life? Because God created man and earth, then God must have a plan for the good of us . By doing right and not a half or maybe 99% then the real God is at work perfectly to improve our lives. live Noah is perfect as this is what we should pursue.

At the time of Noah began to make an ark, is estimated age is 500 year old (Genesis 5:32). And when Noah completion the Ark , the age of noah 600 year old (Genesis 7:6). So the time used for make the ark, it is approximately 100 years ever. 100 years is not a short time. The take about a tenth of the life of Noah. ( age Noah was 950 years: Genesis 9:29). Loyalty Noah in the work of the Lord make a incredible results. Because of the results then human life is remain there until now. Noah-tested in the addressing the environment around him. Noah is a diligent man in his job God. We can imagine that how arrogant and cruel man at that time. During the 100 years, Noah diligent and reliability to face it. From day to day Noah successful through the trial there. And this fits with as the apostle Paul said:

Romans 5:3-5
5:3 And not only so, but we glory in tribulations also: knowing that tribulation worketh patience;
5:4 And patience, experience; and experience, hope:
5:5 And hope maketh not ashamed; because the love of God is shed abroad in our hearts by the Holy Ghost which is given unto us.

persistence and reliability is essential for us who wants to succeed to walk with God. Perseverance and this reliability should also be based by hope. So that we can measure how strong we can stand the test of the friction of our brothers. Although there is no rain or rivers, but the command God to make the ark should be run. Although we made hate by people because we follow the Lord but we still love God. Services continued to roads with steady hope. This steady Hope is a pillar of perseverance and realibility so if we do not have hope then our realibility and persistence is dead. God must keep HIS promise. Evidence of this is poured out HIS Spirit and the grace in our lives (Verse 5). And this is the strength and equipment of our Ministry.

God wants us to give the best for His ministry
Genesis 6:14 ordered Noah to make an ark of gopher wood . What is The gopher wood? Gopher wood is wood that would very strong. Wood is able to resist the power of the large water waves. If we had heard disaster "Tsunami" the wood is gofir able to withstand tsunami waves with a strong and balanced (not easy inverted). So that it can be concluded that the wood gofir is the strongest wood and the best at that time. In then God is not instructed Noah to find another timber. May also lumber or wood cheap. We can think what would happen if Noah make an ark of wood is lower than the wood teak. Gopher Wood illustrates that God wants us to give the best part of any His ministry. Providing the best is a God's command. What the best of us to give to God? All the best that God would be returned multiplied times double on us. God is the best in our lives, so the best will produce the best. And with the best that accompaniment then we will be successful and impact unusual for our neighbor. Are you ready to make breakthrough in our lives? So give the best for glory of God.

Submit the impossible to God
Book Genesis events also noted the big things that need to Noah do to fulfill God's command. Among them are collect all the animals in this world in pairs (male female). Noah also must meet the criteria for a complex God in the making ark. At that time no one to help Noah other than large families. It is impossible with a number of the people of Noah could fulfill God's command. But in fact the Ark stood and the animals also collected and entered
into the ark. What's the secret that the impossible can be achieved? Noah at the time of receiving the command of God, he did not protest objection. He did not say "I could not afford". But Noah just does not say anything and do the God job with what it is. Noah's life expectancy depend only to God. Noah trust fully in God. Including the inability, he submitted to God. God had helped the ministry of Noah. God make all the impossible becomes real. The duty of Noah to collect the animals was easy. Because the animals come practically to the ark. (Genesis 7: 9). Noah gain strength to make the ark with his family. This means that Noah always communicate to the Lord. God provide it. So it is with Us! When we say "yes" for God and all these things will Lord give for us. When we think Just what God commands, God will provide on our strengths. And when we continue to communicate with God then everything all the questions will answered. Our inability to be a reason for God to make us perfect. Our Services and accompaniment will be blessed by God and for certain people people will see how incredible God worked HIS work.

Family of God
Noah was a good family head. He could educate their children well, so make Noah's family saved (see event Genesis 7:1). Responsibilities Noah answered in this family is also a factor success in doing God's work. Within Book genesis events God does not give the command to Noah should be the head of household good first . Noah already know that it is his duty and responsibilities. This means that ministry and accompaniment the Lord's starting from a good family. Good Family is right in front of God will make real God's work. So if we still find our families are still not true in the presence of God then it becomes our duty to serve our families. God's love with families true. This true unity will make the unity of which can flow the full blessing of God to the others among us.