What's wrong with God

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John 11:6 When therefore he Had Heard That he was sick, he abode two days still in the Same place he was Nowhere.

Often we get answers of our prayer from God when we pray. But sometimes the answer is not in accordance with our day. We are sick but still do not heal. we have debts but we do not go unpaid debt yet. In fact we've prayed and gave thanks to God and we've got the words from our prayer that our pain will heal and our debt will be repaid. What's wrong with God?

Mary and Martha was the sister of Lazarus. Lazarus had died because of illness. Mary and Martha had pleaded with Jesus to heal Lazarus. But it was the Lord Jesus deliberately to let Lazarus die. Even the sisters of Lazarus panic and despair but Lord Jesus still let lazarus died . And in this point we will see there are good intentions who want God to show to us.

God wants for God's glory was revealed to Mary and Martha. God longs us as his children to cling to Him. Although delayed by the death of Lazarus, but in fact we have shown the glory of God. Lazarus rose from the dead because the glory of God.Lazarus healed and rose from the death. How if lazarus just healed? How if Lazarus was not dead? Of course we are not see the glory of God written in the bible.

Well how about we now?
Will we want to be used as an instrument of God? Will we accept our situation as if without God's help? If we will then believe that the glory of God will manifest in our lives. We are sick and doctors were unable to cure it but in time's God will heal us. Just trust Him and miracle will happen.


On January 17, 2011 at 5:39 PM , Dakota said...

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Have a blessed day!

In Christ,

On July 19, 2013 at 6:01 PM , Gary said...

We are in agreement that salvation is a free gift from God, received in faith by the sinner, creating belief and repentance. What I am asking you to consider is the PURPOSE of Christian baptism. Is the purpose of baptism really only as an act of obedience/public profession of faith? If so, why doesn't the Bible, in clear language, state as such?

Why is the term "born again" used only three times in the KJV Bible but the word "baptism" or one of it's variants (to baptize) is used over 100 times in the NT? Why are there so many passages of Scripture that if read in their simple, plain, literal interpretation state that God forgives/washes away sins in baptism? Did God really have that much difficulty explaining the exact purpose of baptism? Did God allow every translator of the Bible into every language on earth to mistranslate Acts 2: 38 and other baptism passages? If baptism is simply the after-thought that most evangelicals make it out to be, why did Jesus, his disciples, the Apostles Paul and Peter make such a big deal about it?

Is baptism really a work of man as Baptists and evangelicals claim...or is baptism a work of God?

Lastly, there is no historical evidence found anywhere on planet earth, including areas never under the control of the Catholic Church or the Roman Empire, in which ANY Christian in the first approximately 800 years of Christianity believed that baptism is simply and only an act of OUR obedience/OUR public profession of faith. All evidence from this time period points to early Christians, from the very disciples of the Apostles such as Polycarp onward, believed that baptism means much, much more.

I encourage you to ask the Holy Spirit to open your heart to the Truth of the Gospel and re-read the Bible without your denominational biases.

God bless!