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Genesis 37:9
37:9 And he dreamed yet another dream, and told it his brethren, and said, Behold, I have dreamed a dream more; and, behold, the sun and the moon and the eleven stars made obeisance to me.

Dreams are something that is free and without limit. The dream is everyone's right. we are entitled to have dreams that are small or large. but the only question is whether that dream could come true. I think there are two categories of dreams, the dream of God or dream for yourself. characteristics if it is a dream from God then the dream will be very big. The dream was like a dream difficult to reach and it covers all aspects of life such as social, economic and political.

And the dream for yourself is a dream in the very small and only covers the physical things like houses, cars, wealth, etc..

that after a while you get a dream from God then you will see how great God-given vision to you. and one thing is sure that the dream of God must be realized if we want to work together well with the Lord.

now we see Joseph. Who is Joseph? Most young child among his siblings, not a king and his duty as a shepherd of sheep. At that time the Lord gave to Joseph a dream, a dream that a very large (covering of the universe: the sun, moon and stars). Preview of the dream of Joseph was very incredible.Not signed in mind as to rebuke His father Joseph. But one thing is for sure that Joseph telling a dream to Joseph brave father and his evil siblings. Joseph even willing to sacrifice for the dream with dumped in the well and sold as slaves.

This gives us a lesson that dreams need a sacrifice. The dream was not only right but also our responsibility. why is that? because God gave it to us. If we can not carry out a dream from God or even if we do not have or refuse a dream from God, then it can be ascertained that our life is FAILED. our life mundane.

This often happen to people who are married, where they're quite satisfied with their conditions: Got kids, a house, own a car, can save money, have a job, and finally finished! Will it happen to us as Christians.

Joseph satisfied by the Spirit of God, so that he could interpret the dreams of Pharaoh king. Yusuf different from anyone else at that time because Joseph is full of the wisdom of God.

when we get a dream from God so if we've satisfied by the Spirit of God. Spirit of God can live and lead our lives if we are humble and stay away from sin. Spirit of God is living in people who work diligently and have a high responsibility.

Joseph away from the crime, Joseph also did not repay evil with evil and that we can see that Joseph is a diligent and responsible. when he worked at the house of Potiphar, Joseph did not make the slightest sin and evil. although there is a golden opportunity to do things.maka this can serve as an example for us to fulfill the dream of God.
now let us ponder and question to ourselves is whether we already have and trying to fulfill the dream of God?
God bless you


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This is a great post. I enjoy reading your blog. May God Bless You.

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God Bless You