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Jhon 19:21 Martha said,"Master, if you'd been here, my brother Would not have Died"

when Jesus died on the cross, so many people who doubted God's promise that he is able to atone for sins humans. many people doubt that he will come on the third day. so it is with His student. they also had doubts about Jesus Who called the child of God. but on the third day Jesus has risen. and this is evidenced by the appearance of Jesus to some students and people around Him.

Doubts often arise when we face various kinds of problems. Is that True that the risen Jesus was able to finish my personal problems? I was not able to face my problem and I've handed it to God! but is that true that the Lord able to solve my problem?

The same doubts experienced by Mary and Martha when their brother Lazarus died. They doubt and assume that the coming of Jesus is too late. but after Lazarus lived and this shows that Jesus never too late to help us.

God give us in a different way in helping us. for us is late, but for Jesus was not that late. Not be for us but for Jesus was not something that is not possible. everything possible for Jesus.All we think is too late actually intended to allow us to know God's incredible power. Lazarus had been dead for several days. And Jesus has revealed His power to Mary and Martha and Lazarus. What happens if Lazarus was still alive and not dead at that time? of course it is only the healing power that can be viewed. But now we can see the power of His resurrection.

So today, we must be patient and believe in the Lord's help. Believe that nothing is too late for God


On April 4, 2010 at 8:24 AM , Jeff and Sarah said...

This is a good reminder. I find that I don't doubt that God CAN do something, I doubt whether he WILL do it.

But I must remind myself that it is of no concern to me. I need to keep moving forward, trusting in my Lord's perfect protection.

Thank you for this post!

On April 6, 2010 at 11:38 AM , Patty said...

So true. God is able to do all things. I am also thankful that when we belong to God He takes care of us and works all things for our good. I too am thankful for all Jesus has done for me ~ for He has saved me for all eternity.

Have a great day.