World problems

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Philippians 4:13 I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.

Life is not free from a problem. when we got up in the morning we've faced with any problem. Perhaps the problem of work, maybe a problem at school or maybe health issues and our children. Change of the time is not seem to lead to good things for human life. Every day we often hear bad news. such as earthquakes, floods, global warming, war, etc..

That problem gives a bad hope for us and the lives of our children in the future. But right now there is a good news for us. a story that gives us hope that it will all problems will be resolved.

A name that gives us hope for our bright future. The good news is Jesus Christ our Lord and savior. When we believe in Him then all our sins and our problems will be covered in his name. No bleak future if we are in Jesus. Although the world has a difficult problem, but Jesus was able to lift us so that we become a blessing to the world.

On this day I want to give testimony about the power of God. Last night as usually i lead the program at a radio station with the theme of family solutions. This broadcast is open to those who want to share about life issues and for those who want to pray together. Together with the priest who becomes a guest in this event so we started praying for some people affected by illness and also provide a solution of the problem encountered.

But in the event there is an interesting thing. A mother asked to pray about hes illness and she also testified that the child affected by kidney disease or kidney failure has been healed because she pray to Jesus. This is really magical and strengthens us all.

kidney disease is a disease that is impossible to recover. God has been replaced with a new kidney. Because for God nothing is impossible. It also gives assurance to us that when we depend on and hand over all the problems of our lives to God then God will intervene to solve our problems.

God is moving to provide relief for us. Because God is greater than our problems. and that is A lot of evidence that shows the power of God. So today let us all dependent on the Lord with a calm heart and sincere. So all of it becomes good. God bless you


On March 18, 2010 at 4:20 AM , Red said...

Thank you Anastasius. I really needed to hear this today. In fact I just posted my own blog today and used the same scripture reference, so when I saw yours I knew God was talking to me!
Bless You
red x