Spiritual Defect (6- the end)

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Leviticus 21:16-21
16 GOD spoke to Moses:
17 "Tell Aaron, None of your descendants, in any generation to come, who has a defect of any kind may present as an offering the food of his God.
18 That means anyone who is blind or lame, disfigured or deformed, crippled in
19 foot or hand,
20 hunchbacked or dwarfed, who has anything wrong with his eyes, who has running sores or damaged testicles.
21 No descendant of Aaron the priest who has any defect is to offer gifts to he has

Someone who has anything wrong with his eyes and have a damaged testicles can not enter to the house of God. if someone has something wrong with his eyes means there are few defects in the eye. Perhaps he had a cataract eye. While someone who has damaged testicles means the person can not have offspring or children. At that time, God forbid these people to get into the house of God.

Also at this time. Someone who has something wrong with a spiritual eye can not see into the house of God. Why is that? because of the spiritual eye is not perfect because that people are not perfect in prayer. He was also not perfect in reading and meditate God's Word. Prayer is spoken too long-winded. He rarely or even never pray for anyone else. So he was not sensitive to the problems of others.

Praying is supposed to make our spiritual eyes sharpened. Since praying is talking with God. We'll find out what the will of God in praying. But if we pray only for our spiritual eyes will be not sharp or perfect. we will never know the will of God

Likewise, if we do not bear fruit for many people. it is the same as someone who has damaged testicles. That person had no descendants. If we just be a Christians then it is natural. but if we had been for many years since becoming a Christian and still did not bear fruit. So we need to examine the spiritual fruit in us. whether our spiritual fruit damaged or rotten. so it is hard to bear for many people.

spiritual defect we must be cautious. Because if we do not watch out we will not get into the house of God. But if we had a spiritual defect, then we must repent and let the Holy Spirit come into our lives. all of it so that our spiritual defects healed. Because we will not be able to heal our spiritual defect. Because Only Jesus Christ is able to heal.
God Bless You

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On March 14, 2010 at 5:00 PM , Lynda Young said...

great series on spiritual defects. Very thought provoking.