Hold your salvation !!

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Someone who was gravely ill, finally accept Jesus as his savior after his friend came to visit him and preach the good news of salvation. A few minutes after they prayed, with no unexpected, the man who got sick had died. All the family grieving, including his friends. But they were all relieved and confident that he have accepted Jesus as his Savior and has been in the lap of Jesus in the Garden of Eden.

The same was experienced by a criminal who had crucified Jesus on the right. Criminals repent and accept Jesus as the Savior. Thus Jesus led him to enter the garden of Eden. Jesus has provided tremendous safety to us. Even if we do evil, but if at the end of our lives, we still had a chance to repent and accept Jesus as the Savior, then we will get a part of the kingdom of heaven.

But now we have to consider is: Are today we're dying? Do we know when we will die? Is that now we're waiting for the seconds of death, so that we can just repent and regret our sins?

Well, I believe we are all in good condition and healthy. When we are baptized in the name of Jesus, indeed we have received safety first. But the question is: what can we hold that salvation until we die and face to the Father? This period should be noted.

There are Christians who eventually left Jesus as disillusioned with his church friends. Of course these people will not accept a part of the kingdom of heaven. Unless he turned back and repent. There are those who steadfastly defend his faith in Jesus even though he should be tortured and hated by many people. Of course these people are those who are eligible to receive part of the kingdom of heaven.Salvation is not only happening when we are baptized only. But salvation occurs when we still hold until we die.

The period in which when we receive salvation from Jesus until we die it is a period in which determines whether we get a portion of the kingdom of heaven. This period is very important and we must hold all the time. So as the man who anointed the Lord we must be able to carry out God's command. Because God commands that not only pleases God, but for the good of our lives.

One thing for sure is if we keep hold our faith strong until we die, then the kingdom of heaven is certainly not only accepted in heaven, but also on this earth.

God bless you


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