Who is the driver

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James 3:5 "Even so the tongue is a little member, and boasteth great things. Behold, how great a matter a little fire kindleth!"

A large cruise ships will be able to reach a destination if he is driven by people who can drive them. The big ships will not have any function if no one can drive. And even if the driver has a physical body that is much smaller than the cruise ship but the safety passengers and smoothness of travel lies in the hands of the driver.

Likewise our lives. Life is very large and valuable will be able to reach this goal if we as a driver capable of driving properly. One member of body which very large of it's role is the tongue. The tongue was not reinforced and the tongue is a member of the smallest bodies. However, if the things that come out through the tongue are the words which the waste will be in vain did our lives.

The saying that good out of good heart. Our brain functions to control our limbs. So if the good heart of this response by our brain is our body will do good movement. The tongue will move to say a kind word, our hands will easily and sincerely giving and we will step foot into the right place.

A different matter if our hearts were depressed, so our brains are full of anxiety will be easily ordered members of our bodies to do not good. Harsh words may be spoken out through our mouths, our hands will easily hit people or we can step foot into a place of prostitution or gambling.

All stemmed from our own hearts. And humans can not repair the spiritual damage of another man in his own way. Something higher is the Lord Jesus, He was the one who is able to restore the human condition spiritually or physically ill. Today let us make our hearts to be good. The trick is to close ourselves to the source of the goodness of the Lord Jesus Christ. Then believe that the members of our body will always do something good that will change our lives for the better and perfect. God bless you Jesus Christ is our God

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