We Are a New Creation

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2 Corinthians 5:17 Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.

Something new is good and beautiful. If we have a new car then the condition of the car must be good and the paint colors that we choose will look wonderful. The Word of God is expressed by the apostle Paul in Corinth, we affirm that we are all new creations in the Lord. When the spirit of our union with the Holy Spirit then we will have streams of living water that is always new. Our lives are not the same anymore and every day is always a new one.

This means that our lives become good and beautiful. Full of new things that God has given to us. If we went and met friends who look, so inside us is something unique and new. Our words are new words that can change people for the better. Our behavior is a new behavior that reflects the personality of the Lord Jesus. We are a new creation in the spirit, we are really equipped with the power of God. Our old man has been replaced with a new man.

When we compare between the new flowers bloom with flowers that have withered. Then we will see that the newly blooming flowers will look beautiful and good while the wilted flowers that will look older and less well. Wilted flowers will be replaced with a new flower growing. Then the new will continue to replace the old in our lives.

There is one interesting question, namely: why my life does not change even if we have become a new man in Jesus Christ?

Suppose we have a new car. But because we love and fear of damaged car or get hit then we do not ever use it. Wherever we go we always use the old car. When pouring we went back to the old car. Cars with the atmosphere of the old and the old forms. We must also feel the comfort of the old. The new car is not useful for us and serve as decoration. The same with our lives. When we are in Christ then there are a lot of new things that maybe we do not use. We still use the things that long. Our way of life is probably the old way of life. The way we think is probably the old ways of thinking. And foremost, may we never use the word of God to strengthen us. Remember that the word of God is always new to our lives. Word of God brings us closer to knowing the Lord Jesus. Pray also a God-given right to meet with our Lord. Do we have to use that right. The new has come, it means we are given new things for our use. Have we used the new things that the Lord Jesus? Have we updated by the word of the Lord Jesus? Let us ponder! God bless you

Jesus Christ is our God