until now the Lord was pleased!!!

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Isaiah 55:6

55:6 Seek ye the LORD while He may be found, call ye upon Him while he is near:

One time a subordinate makes a fatal mistake in the task. The error was so close to the state officials who were his boss's dismissal. Resent the fault of the subordinate then the state officials plan to fire. but before dismissal occurred, subjects with high courage to meet the officials at his residence. With persistence because of the difficulty the authorities to find ,the end they met. The official all-out rage.

But the official end of his anger saying "today I'm willing to meet you for considering the first job service that has raised me to be today, but tomorrow I would not want to see you again, because when you make this mistake, you have made me almost get fired with no respect by my boss "

Heard that the subordinates were immediately told to plead with bowed heads "Sir, please do not fire me, because this is only my job and my favorite, this is the only my pride that is to serve master. Tomorrow I promise and a commitment not to make that mistake again . Now I've made a proposal for activities during the month to serve the master. May the master willing to read it "

The officer read the proposal and he was stunned that this servant was a tenacious and diligent and have a good mind and according to his own. The proposal has the prospect to raise his post after .Finally rocked with a very deep so the dismissal was not done. the subordinate is very happy to hear that and he was motivated to not make mistakes again in the future.

In the days of the old testamen, a person who committed the sin must sacrifice. It named the victims of the sin offering which aims to make atonement between God and man. Victim was a certain animal is slaughtered like a lamb to be offered in the holy temple. with the victim is a sign that God was still willing to encounter. God also still be searchable, meaning "time" God has provided for people to find and meet with HIM.

What about the new testament? at the time of the new testament,(or presents)the age of grace is extraordinary. Through Jesus the Messiah is not ours anymore to seek God but God who seek us.

John: 15:16
15:16 Ye have not chosen Me, but I have chosen you, and ordained you, that ye should go and bring forth fruit, and that your fruit should remain: that whatsoever ye shall ask of the Father in my name, He may give it you.

This was also evidenced by the coming of the Lord Jesus to earth to find and rescue His beloved people that we are His creation. We now have the freedom to meet any HIS time. Victim ransom had been available every time that HIS blood gushing on the cross. We took it and applied it to stay in HIS temple in our spirit, soul and body.

However, we must remember!! once again we must remember! God created time for us was very limited. Today we may freely meet with HIM. But what if tomorrow, Have God still pleasure anymore? In reading the above book is tucked the words "whle". "while" He may be both "while" he was close. That means there are a limit specified period of time for us to meet with God. It could be 1 year, 2 years or maybe more. We will not know about it. But there are 3 things that become the benchmark for us when God is not pleased encountered by us, is:
1. When we die, and wallowing in sin without any remorse even though we already know Jesus. (remember the story of Lazarus and the rich)
2. When we die without knowing Jesus Christ at all even though the news of salvation that was done. (I am the door: John 10:9)
3. At the end of the judgment-day period when we had arrived and we still do not know Christ or have known Him but did not do His will (Matthew 25:41).

So long as we're still alive, God was pleased to meet us. Human age is very limited. our opportunity to meet with HIM also very limited. Like the story of a subordinate who had used the time to meet with his superiors as well as possible. Well what about us? Will we all want to use the time to call for God's forgiveness and to give proposals on the things that pleases God?
Make sure that the Lord was pleased to meet us forever in the eternal life.

God bless you

Jesus save me
Jesus love everything about you
Jesus Saved my life