My Hobby is read and meditate the words of God?

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Talking about the hobby then it also talked about fun. If my hobby is eating, so my pleasure is eating. And if my hobby is fishing so My pleasure was fishing. Hoby also spoke about time. Because when we're doing hobby then we will forget the time. Hoby also spoke about skills. Because the more often we do then we will increasingly skilled.

Fun is a hobby element and is a factor which makes our life enthusiasm. When we tired and stress but if we turn this to our hobby we will be happy. Stress and tired of being lost.

One thing that's most important is that the pleasure can be created. With the record, that we want conduct an investigation into the fun and hobby then we will doing this fun or maybe we have a friend that affect us. This can make us become interested in something we do not like initially.

Now how about a question "whether read and meditate on the word of God can made as a hobby? "

In a room, we pray first, then read the Bible, and ponder the words of Bible! It seems boring and uninteresting. Compare! If in a room, reading a comic or novel, then sleep. This seems morefun!

Okay, now let's find out which is more fun?

One of the important factors of a person to choose hobby is the result. How did it for me when I run this hobby? These outcome measures will make
anyone can create fun. Eg my hobbies is cooking. With cooking hobby then I would have a gastronomy. With gastronomy I will be able to open a restaurant or cafe. Woow The hoby of cooking make my future bright.

Now how about the hobby: read and meditate Words of God?
God is our creator, God knows what will happened to me. God has a plan that large in my life.

So, if we can communicate with and find HIS will then I will be able to see HIS plan for my life. I can find out what happened on my life later. And most importantly I can ask for strength from God to accomplish the will of God.

Woow, amazing. I will be important for friends, family or even my country. I also can listening to His voice at any time. The voice that can be makes our hearts happy and excited.

So what are you waiting! Make this as your hobby!!

To be Continued