My Hobby is read and meditate the words of God? (3)

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Mark 9:8 And suddenly, when they had looked round about,
they saw no man any more, save Jesus only with

When we gather with the others people who have
a same hobby, there will be a unique conversation
and interesting. Never seemed to end, we will
Any talk about our hobby. At an event
large organized by the same people who have a same hobby
often we see or hear an official or a person
important that it go to enliven the event.
We can even meet, face to face and talk -
Shows the exchange of experiences around the hobby.

This meeting seemed very pleasant and made
nature of our gathered stronger. As an example for us
who have hobby of big bikes such as the
Harley Davidson then when they gathered in a
community events, they will feel a joy
because they can meet each other.

Share experiences of Harley Davidson engine,
may also give each other information about the tribe
vehicle parts. Also the most colorful is
a walk together with our Harley around a city.

That sounds interesting especially when there are
a famous actor who joined enliven this event.
This moment will be memorable.

Similarly, when we gathered in a
communities that have the same hobby of read
and meditate God's Word. This will be
very very interesting meeting. Because at this meeting
we can share each other about our experiences
encounter with God.

We can know what our weaknesses in the hobby
. We also could be a teacher for their new
learn. Conversation that we do have an impact
unusual for our future. This hobby will be
the more interesting because the meeting was not held one year
once but at least once a week. Incredibly,
because we feel a constant joy in
in the Lord.

And the more remarkable is the presence of "Big Actors
"which must be present at each meeting. Actor
This major will really give us wisdom and
knowledge. This great actor will also give us
strength to continue to carry out this noble hobby.
The Great actor is Jesus Christ ,our Lord and God. If in the seculer hobby sometimes we are
difficult to meet the actors who may
participate or not in the show. So in
meetings with people who have hobby read
and meditate God's Word the "Great Actors" is
Jesus Christ would come to meet with us
with news of peace salvation.

Waaow, less what else? Victory was in our hands.
Because of our Magic Advisor must come and if we follow Him
we must win. Events meeting also
incredible! So this hobby will make our lives
extraordinary. GBU

Jesus saved my life
Jesus care everything about you
Jesus love me
Jesus save me

Enjoy for everyday devotional in this blog

Jesus Bless You