Do not leave The house of bread !!!

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Do not leave the House Bread

When we're away from God verily we're away the blessing of God, and when we're closer to God indeed, we are approaching the blessing of God. Worship, ministry,praying and praising God, and attention to our neighbor who is image of God is an attempt to draw near to God. But need we realize that firstly God Jesus opened the way to us to draw near to the Father in heaven. And Jesus referred to as the door to get to kingdom of heaven

John 10:9
"I am the door: by me if any man enter in, he shall be saved, and shall go in and out, and find Pasture. "

Pasture not only describe Heaven which we will live in there but also describes the abundance or a blessing we receive in this world. Abundance of grace that it can be of health, God's wisdom, wealth material, a good friend of faith, etc..
We referred to as the sheep and Jesus is our Good Shepherd. So that when we think
Jesus commands, the road to blessing God will open wide

4:14 “And the women said unto Naomi,Blessed be the LORD, which hath not left thee this day without a Kinsman, that his name may be famous in Israel”

Naomi is the picture of a women who have been away from God since Naomi left Israel and go to Moab. Israel is a picture from the source or house blessing bread because there are the true with His blessing God in Israel even at that time the nation Israel suffered drought. When Naomi away from God then Naomi lost a lot of blessings. Initially Naomi brings a lot of food or thanks to before leaving Israel. But long provisions that would eventually run out. So We also initially took a very so many blessings from God but when we leave God so long then long provisions the blessing would eventually run out and we will again be a human being drought. Naomi had the misfortune when she was in the land of Moab. She lost of two her son and her husband and this makes Naomi decided to return to Israel.Naomi has not got anything else.
Naomi was a sincere and consider the future of the two daughter in law. So she was willing for the two daughters in law to marry again to their descendants. However, one of Ruth the Moab is a sincere woman. Ruth willing to help Naomi walked together into the countryIsrael.

Ruth was willing to sacrifice for no back to Moab and married to the front. We know that the end of the This story is happiness. Ruth get a husband who is a employers are very wealthy. That is Boaz. And of their lineage King David was born and eventually also birth of our Savior Jesus Christ the Lord and our God.

What we can learn from this story?
The core of this story is sincerity heart. When we have a heart sincere and well then it is the way our opening to the house of bread. Ruth sincere in helping in-law Naomi
Naomi was so sincere in the help daughter in law Ruth. Ruth to be married with Boaz because Naomi Helped. Similarly Ruth,Ruth sincere help in the get food in Israel for Naomi. Naomi also sincerely acknowledged that Israel and God's power is the house of bread and the source of blessing. This proved with Naomi's return to Israel from Moab. God sees our sincerity.
How sincerely us to closer to God?

we often hear that God is source of blessing and places or the presence of
God is the home of the bread of life. Do not leave the house of bread! Even today we are experiencing trouble. We must have a sincerely heart. Because if God is rightstill reigned over our lives so the bread of life or the source of blessing
will continue to flow in our lives .

Jesus saved my life
Jesus save me
Jesus care everything about me
Jesus love all of us