Cast your worries!!!

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Psalm 55:22 Cast thy Burden upon the LORD, and he shall sustain thee: he shall never suffer the righteous to be moved.

Worries is the barrier of our lives to thanks. If worries stay in our lives the disease would soon come. Anxiety appears and our lives are like a tree whose roots weak. Our Live will collapse.

There are many ways to relieve worries. Might by diverting it to the job. Or came to a friend and tell it.But unfortunately we still can not escape from worries. Anxiety is still there. Because the way of men have always had a weakness.

" Cast thy Burden upon the LORD " a phrase that David said when he pursued the enemy. The meaning of the word is very deep. When we cast it is means that we release it. When we leave, but has not released then it means we are not 100 percent
cast. Our worries is still at my hand

Lord Jesus offers Himself to all our worries . He wants to be a disposal of all our Worries.When we cast our worries and let the worries had been held by Jesus. Jesus is greater than our Worries.Worries is not in mind again. But sometimes we are still thinking about our worries. This is we must remove. We must to think that it is not us who holds our lives but the Lord Jesus who holds our lives. Although we in the valley of darkness, but the hand of God remains with us. Our lives in the hands of God. So now yield everything to God. God Bless

Jesus Christ is our God