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I believe...... Jesus love me
I want to be share......
This life ..all my family (dad,mom,bro) no more....
In my life >>no job(this year) is't my looselife?....
What's wrong with me???

God still have HIS own plan... ^o^ THE BEST PLAN.... :)
First, maybe you can check, why it happend?? your fault or not??
Aks Jesus for remembering you...
If you already did the right things, then Just keep your faith and DO Your BEST!!
Enjoy everything you have and givethanks :) even it's difficult to be received and understood.... ^o^
But if there is a fault, just fix it up, ask for forgiveness to whom you make that fault. Don't be too shy to do it or Ask Jesus what should you do.
I believe that HE will open the way and you will see HIS mercy upon your life...
Just surrender it all to God :)

Maybe you have any answer ? Please write it and tell us about the truth. I believe Jesus with His wisdom come to you. Gbu