Christian is not Freely

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Deutronomy 2:6
"You shall buy food from them with money, that you may eat; and you shall also buy water from them with money, that you may drink"

Most Christians think that being a Christian is free. We receive salvation is free; grace of God that we receive is free; everything we receive is free from God.

Thought which is not bad. everything is fine. But after we thought that such a form of thinking is wrong. Imagine that we receive salvation we must actually defend. And this requires the sacrifice of the alias is not free. Grace that we receive from God should we offer to God by being a blessing to others. Behold The Lord commanded Israel to pay for food and water to enjoy when they have to pass through the children of Esau. it's not free. it must be done through a sacrifice.

So let's start the day mentally free throw. So that our sacrifice becomes fragrant incense before the Lord. God Bless You


On February 28, 2012 at 3:41 AM , Cecelia Dowdy said...

Salvation is free, however, we are supposed to be an example, a living example, of how Christ wants us to live our lives. The sacrifices went away after the Old Testament. We no longer have to do that. We should live our lives as God wants us to, and if we falter, he forgives us since he's already died on the Cross and granted us forgiveness.
I hope you have a blessed day!

On February 28, 2012 at 8:05 PM , JT said...

Thanks for a great post. God bless you.

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